There’s Video Of Newcastle’s Danny Simpson Unconscious And Bleeding From The Mouth After A Fight

  • Dylan Murphy

While waiting for takeaway (to-go, in these United States) food outside of a club, 26-year-old Newcastle defender Danny Simpson, reportedly drunk and agitated, argued with a man in his 40s or 50s. Earlier in the night, he had been at the Circle Club with former Manchester United youth teammates Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck before stepping outside for some drunk munchies. But the argument eventually escalated from words to shoves to a thrown punch, Simpson landing a blow to the man’s face and knocking him to the ground. He then went to strike him a second time, but on-lookers held him back before more damage could be inflicted.

As things calmed and Simpson went to leave in a cab, two off-duty bouncers intervened – with more violence.

Via The Sun:

“Simpson did leave the Rice Flamebar and Grill in Manchester city centre — but only after another heated exchange with two off-duty bouncers. The witness added: ‘Danny got in a taxi outside but the two bouncers rushed over and opened the door.

‘There was a girl there trying to calm the situation and telling the taxi to take Danny home — but one of the bouncers dragged him out then punched him in the face.’

‘He dropped to the floor and was half on the pavement, half on the road with blood pouring from his mouth.

‘He was in a bad way. It looked like he’d been knocked out. Everyone crowded round him. He was still breathing but not responsive.

‘Luckily he’d landed in the recovery position so we didn’t move him.'”

Newcastle fans, don’t worry. It turns out that Simpson’s fine, according to Danny Simpson.

But per usual, one of the witness grabbed some phone video of an unconscious Simpson lying on the ground with blood trickling from his mouth. See here:

There doesn’t appear to be any sort of criminal investigation pending, because a man on scene with “minor injuries” did not seek to press charges. And we assume Simpson will want to put the whole thing behind him as well, mostly because there’s video on the internet of himself lying bloodied on the street.

[The Sun, via Cosby Sweaters]