Italian Soccer Star Gennaro Gattuso Says If He’s Convicted In Match-Fixing Trial, He’ll Kill Himself In The Streets

  • Jake O'Donnell

Italian soccer is known for a lot of things. Defensiveness, counter-attacking, good hair, and match fixing just to name a few. But it’s that last one that’s got the Serie A world on it’s ear — Lazio midfielder Cristian Brocchi and four coconspirators have been arrested in connection with the fixing of 30 or more games dating back to 2009.

Now, Gennaro Gattuso (of Milan and Italian National Team fame), who most recently coached Palermo, has had his home raided due to a connection between one of the aforementioned match fixers. And he’s pissed about it. How pissed? So pissed he’d kill himself in the streets like this was a scene from Don Giovanni.

[Via Yahoo!] “Never have I ever had the slightest thought about possibly fixing a game.
“If something was proven I would be willing to go out into the street and, I know this is a strong thing to say, I would kill myself.
“Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stand to lose even a practice game, not even a game of cards with my friends.
“I’m angry and offended. I want to clear everything up so I don’t have a stain on my career.”

The matches in question occurred around 2011 when Gattuso was still at Milan.