Hey Look, It’s A Crazed Fan Running Onto The Pitch And Choking A Linesman (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

Dirty Tackle has the details on this one, in which a crazed fan chokes out a linesman and then immediately gives up once police intervene. And notice the plea of ignorance when he throws his hands up in the air as if to say, “What did I do?” Nothing, crazy person. Nothing.

Here are some more details, via Dirty Tackle:

“A crazed pitch invader attacked a linesman during a stoppage in play at a match between Chernomorets Odessa and Metalist in Ukraine. The man, a Chernomorets fan, lunged at the linesman while the officials conversed with the Chernomorets manager about a corner kick awarded to Matelist and grabbed him by the throat while pushing him backwards.”

At least the police gave him back his hat. That was nice. Though they probably didn’t appreciate the “Lull you to sleep with passivity RIP FREE YOU CAN’T HOLD ME DOWN” ploy. That wasn’t fair.

If this happened in America, we’d have lazy journalists everywhere calling for the overhauling of the entire stadium security system. Honestly though, sometimes you just can’t account for batshit crazy.

[Dirty Tackle]