Hope Solo Failed A Drug Test, Will Still Play In Olympics

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Hope Solo, America’s favorite women’s soccer player, failed a drug test. She tested positive for Canrenone, a drug sometimes used to flush the system of PED evidence. However, Solo says that it was an ingredient in her prescribed pre-menstrual medication, and she didn’t realize it.

The US Soccer Federation buys her claim, and she’s merely receiving a public warning. She’ll still participate in the Olympics.

“U.S. Soccer received notification from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that Hope Solo tested positive for a banned substance from an out-of competition urine sample she provided on June 15. After discussions with Hope, we fully support her clarification that the positive test for Canrenone was due to the use of a prescribed medication from a personal doctor for pre-menstrual purposes and not related to performance enhancement in any way.”

Within minutes, Twitter coined the “Dope Solo” nickname. But although we can’t know for sure if she’s telling the truth, her excuse seems legitimate. Swooners will be able to swoon on while she tends goal in London.