How To Tell That Your Job Isn’t Secure: When Extra Security Is Deployed To Guard Your Face From Being Torn Down

  • Rick Chandler

Now on to the world of European soccer, where new Manchester United coach David Moyes is not the most popular cat in Britain. Moyes replaced the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson this season, hand-picked by Fergie, but things have not been going swimmingly. In fact, a 3-0 loss to Manchester City on Tuesday gives Man U (can I call them that?) three straight losses to its crosstown rival for the first time since 1978. They also have six home losses: also unacceptable to their faithful followers.

Liberal rumbling and grumbling from Manchester United fans about dumping Moyes, with the telling metaphor being the photo you see above. Security guards dispatched to protect your banner from being torn down by disgruntled fans … doesn’t give you a warm feeling about your job security.

Business Insider:

There were also reports that United’s stewards had been instructed to protect a banner erected in the Stretford End in Moyes’s honour following his appointment last year — ‘The Chosen One’ — from angry fans.

Dissent had crept onto social networking websites as well, with the hash tag “#MoyesOut” trending on Twitter in the United Kingdom on Wednesday morning.

Well, two (or more) can play at this banner game.

The Telegraph even listed 31 reasons Moyes must go.

Well, best ironic banner ever. These are Liverpool fans:

This all has become a serious meme:

Don’t worry: whatever happens, his heart will go on.

This guy seems overly agitated: