Internet Reacts With Expected Maturity When Told About Chelsea's 'Cross-Cum-Shot'

  • Eric Goldschein

When you type words like “Chelsea” and “cross-cum-shot” into Google, you might end up with results that are, shall we say, intended only for mature audiences. (Read: Porn.)

But a “cross-cum-shot” is not a comment on the final moments of a pornographic shoot — it’s a legitimate way to describe when a soccer player kicks the ball and you’re not sure whether it was a shot attempt or a cross.

See what we mean? We’re not talking about an X-rated homemade film starring a Brazilian dude named Oscar. They were using “cum” in the Latin sense, not as a slang term.

Not surprisingly, however, Twitter (and others) couldn’t wrap its collective mind around using this term in polite company. We told you sex sells. Anyway, here are some of the best reactions so far:


Here’s the goal that put Chelsea up 2-1, for the record: