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Meanwhile In Minnesota, Bull Wrecks Bubble-Wearing Idiots

  • Rick Chandler


Hmm. The new season of Fargo looks like it may be the best yet.

Rodeos are notorious for inventing new ways to annoy animals and make humans look foolish, and here we have the ultimate example. The idea in knockerball is for two, two-person teams to play each other in a game of soccer, using an oversized ball.

The degree of difficulty is high, because here they’ve added a large, angry bull into the proceedings. Organizers probably envisioned a long game, but that’s not what happened.

The bull did his part — blasting two of these fools practically into orbit. And after each of them took a ride, they wanted no more of it. Apparently the plastic ball wasn’t much protection. Watch as they limp away, cursing the day they were born.

Look, if you’re going to taunt livestock as a form of entertainment, prepare to be wrecked. This happened in Minnesota, which is surprising. I thought that they had better judgement there.

Stan Grossman says this is the way to go. Ya.