WE’VE CAUGHT ‘EM ALL: All 32 Nations Now Have A World Cup Pokémon Representative

  • Jake O'Donnell

If there’s one thing missing from the single biggest sporting event on the face of the Earth — it’s animated video game characters. In a stunning snub of the more evolved Raichu, Adidas has crowned electric mouse Pikachu as the centerpiece of a team of 10, um, Poké-representatives, for the, um, World, um…

Wait, why are they doing this again?

[Bulbanews] Adidas, the official apparel sponsor of Japanese national football team, had announced that it had formed an agreement with Nintendo to feature Pikachu and 10 other Pokémon as the official mascot of the team. The other 10 Pokemon are Meowth, the three Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle), the three Kalos starters (Chespin, Delphox, Froakie), Pancham, Helioptile, and Litleo.

Ahhh, marketing! Gotcha.

Anyways, seeing as Japan thinks it can claim 10 of the little buggers for themselves, we’ve gone ahead and paired some other countries up with their logical spirit-Pokémon. Some are obvious (Pigeotto & Italy) while some are even more obvious (Wigglytuff & England). Please find your country’s pocket monster counterpart in the slideshow below FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY!



We’ve added Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Uruguay Chile, Croatia, Cameroon, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Belgium to the list. Full disclosure — we’ve had to dig past the original first generation Pokémon to find ideal pairings (thanks in part to the comments section below!) Any requests for a national team-Pokémon match-up should be made here.