So I Guess Usain Bolt And Mario Balotelli Are Feuding

  • Rick Chandler

We’ve needed something to fill the void since Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia have ceased hostilities. Could this be it? Usain Bolt will make his Diamond League debut in Rome On Thursday, where he will meet Justin Gatlin in the 100 meters (Michael Rodgers is also in the field).

Today Bolt talked with TG1 (Rome’s TeleGiornale TV network) and was somehow asked of his opinion on Milan’s oft-troubled striker, Mario Balotelli. I’m guessing it’s a standard question for Italian journalists for anyone famous. (Queen arrives): “Welcome your majesty. What are your thoughts on Mario Balotelli?”


“Balotelli is a great football player, although perhaps a little too aggressive for my tastes,” said Bolt. “He never misses a penalty. I’ve met him a couple of times and to be honest I don’t like him very much.”

Balotelli got wind of that and replied via Twitter.

So, it’s on? We’ll see.

Here’s a pretty good roundup of Balotelli’s troubles and controversies, if you’re so inclined. The latest? He’s being accused of drug dealing by a mob informant on trial in Italy.

Photos: Getty Images.