Brazil Breaks Chilean Hearts In Penalty Shootout After Tightly Contested Match: Video Highlights Here

  • Zach Berger

The Round of 16 kicks off this afternoon as the host team, led by the electric Neymar, looks to oust Chile and move on to the quarterfinals. Brazil is an outstanding 26-0 against Chile leading up to today’s game.

Can Neymar tack on to his World Cup-leading four goals and keep his country alive in his country? Can Chile pull off an upset in the first match of this round and rain on Brazil’s parade? There’s only one way to find out.

Watch Brazil vs Chile live streaming below:

Keep up with the action official Twitter hashtag of Brazile-Chile:


Brazil Strikes First (18′)

David Luiz scores his first ever international goal on the biggest stage of them all. Neymar’s corner was angled perfectly and Luiz took advantage with the first score of the match.

Miscue Allows Chile To Equalize At 1-1 (32′)

A poor pass from Hulk gives Alexis Sanchez a wide open look at the net and he aims at the side of the net, sneaking the ball past Julio Cesar to tie up this match.

And of course, here’s the fan celebration you’ve been waiting for:

– We are in extra time in the first knockout round match! It will take at least 30 more minutes to decide this one.

– Chile nearly scores in the final two minutes of overtime, but the ball finds the post instead of the net, and we are headed to penalty shots!

Penalty Shootout

– David Luiz strikes first for Brazil!

– Pinilla shoots straight at Cesar and he saves it for Brazil!

– And Brazil is wide on the second attempt! Chile can tie up penalties here.

– Cesar with another save and Brazil is ahead 1-0 after two shots from each squad.

– And Brazil goes up 2-0! They have a huge advantage here as Chile looks to make their third after missing the first two.

– Aranguiz finally nets one for Chile! It’s 2-1. Each team has two more shots.

– Bravo with a save and Chile responds by tying it up on their fourth shot! We’re at 2-2 going into the fifth shots.

– Neymar scores. Chile needs a goal of its own here or this one is all over.

– Neymar scores for Brazil and… Jara hits the post! Brazil knocks out Chile in penalties after an incredible match! Julio Cesar puts on an incredible shootout performance for Brazil in goal and the home team will go on to the quarterfinals.