While His WAG Irina Shayk Promotes Her Summer Blockbuster Hercules, Cristano Ronaldo Dodges Dandruff Balls

  • Jake O'Donnell

A silly commercial about a silly product, made sillier by the fact that Ronaldo’s girlfriend is currently touring the universe to promote a huge film she’s starring alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Irina, do yourself a favor and drop this loser before you turn on the TV and see him singing in a FreeCreditReport.com ad.

Seriously though, Ronaldo is such a turd, which is made all the more apparent by his behind-the-scenes-commentary for the commercial about the only shampoo your uncle has ever purchased. So what if we’re jealous? It doesn’t change the objective fact that this guy is the boring European version of Deion Sanders. Watch how he humorlessly answers questions on the set of a DANDRUFF SHAMPOO COMMERCIAL SURROUNDED BY GREEN SCREENS.

“I have to look good all the time. It is very important to me.”

Hm, interesting because almost every time you open your mouth you come across as the bad new boyfriend-guy from an AManda Bynes rom-com. Is that the “good” look you’re talking about?

Oh, it is? Oh, never mind then.

Meanwhile, this…