World’s Greatest Tifo Display? Nope, Just Greenpeace Rappelling In To Protest At A Champions League Match (VIDEO)

  • Rick Chandler

It happened in Switzerland during a Champions League Group E match between Schalke and Basel, as several Greenpeace activists rappelled from the roof and displayed a massive banner protesting recent oil drilling in Russia. The game was halted briefly while security went into the rafters to pull up the banner, and the protesters. Since this is Switzerland, they were then tortured with comfy cushions and warm cocoa.

The beef: last week 30 Greenpeace activists were taken into custody by Russian authorities for protesting on an oil platform in the Barents Sea. The incident on the Gazprom Russian oil platform (hence the “Gazprom” on the protest sign — its also one of Basel’s sponsors) has sparked international debate, as Russia is considering charging the activists with piracy, which carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Aren’t Russian jails already full of girl band pop stars and homosexuals?

Greenpeace wants the activists released. The banner reads: “DON’T FOUL THE ARCTIC” and “#FreeTheArctic30.”


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