The Mascot For The 2017 World Aquatics Championships Has No Pigment, Or Soul

  • Rick Chandler


Back in July of 2011, Guadalajara, Mexico was awarded the 2017 World Aquatic Championships, and there was much rejoicing. Then, buyer’s remorse set in. Upon actually budgeting the event and figuring it would cost about $100 million, Mexico pulled out. In March of this year, Hungary’s prime minister, , stepped in and said that Budapest would host the event, and that he could do it for $76 million.

And there was much rejoicing. Here was their logo:


But in the four months since, the projected cost has risen to $140 million, and the Hungarian taxpayers aren’t pleased. Part of that is a proposed $5.1 million swim complex.

Also as you can see, it didn’t leave much time to develop an official mascot. So Hungary did the best it could, presumably (see above). The result was like looking into the soul of a serial killer, who also might possibly be the ghost of a murdered Lhasa Apso.