Tennis Match Interrupted By Sounds Of Couple Having Sex

  • Rick Chandler


It was love-all at the Sarasota Open in Florida on Tuesday, as a match between Americans Frances Tiafoe (pictured) and Mitchell Krueger was interrupted by sounds of lovemaking from a nearby condo. Yep, a couple having sex caused a delay in a pro tennis match.

And … Florida. There you have it.

Mike Cation, calling the match on the Challenger Tour livestream broadcast, at first said that the noise was porn, coming from someone’s phone in the stands. But no — he soon realized it was the real thing. Columbus Dispatch:

“Yeah, because it’s quiet while you’re playing, obviously. You could hear a pin drop and it was, yeah, interesting,” Open director Tony Driscoll said.

Krueger soon took charge, swatting a ball in the direction of the window where the noise was coming from. Taifoe then shouted in that direction: “It can’t be that good!”

That seemed to do it.