Twitter Was Not Amused By People Calling Andy Murray English

  • Rick Chandler

I’ll admit it: I was one of the offenders. I think. When Andy Murray complained about the roof being closed during his Wimbledon semifinal last week, I wrote that he was getting screwed by his own country. Some of you wrote in to say “He’s Scottish!” and, “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!”

I’ve seen Braveheart enough times to know that they’re two different countries, but since Murray plays Olympic tennis with a British flag next to his name, couldn’t he be considered … (in Scottish accent) “No, ya bastard! Now pick a window! Pick a window for me to throw ya outa!”

I myself am of Scottish, Irish and English descent, so I should know better. Here’s a sample of Twitter reaction when Murray won.

Always topical, always amusing, always featuring a tiger mauling someone: Next Media Animation weighs in:

“What’s the worst tennis-playing nation in the world?”


“No, Scotland!”

“Um, no, tennis isn’t a job.”