Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness Try To Avoid The Standard Wrestling Wedding

Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness Try To Avoid The Standard Wrestling Wedding
  • Gregg Sussman

As you saw last night on Impact Wrestling, Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness are one week away from their wedding. Despite Braxton’s bachelor party being, let’s say disappointing, and Laurel’s bachelorette party being, let’s say lackluster, the couple will be going forward with their wedding on next Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

SportsGrid had the opportunity to sit down with both Laurel and Braxton to discuss their future plans.

SG: Braxton, Laurel thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us. Your wedding is under ten days away now, so what is going through your minds as we approach your big day?

Laurel: I CANT WAIT!!! Daddy has flown in the best of the best, from the wedding planner, to the champagne and the dress (of course). This will be the wedding of the century, and I want everyone talking about how amazing I looked.

Braxton: Wait … that’s 2 weeks away already?? Oh man this is so crappy … I mean HAPPY! I’m so so incredibly happy. About the whole thing. Everything. The whole situation. It’s just great!

SG: Braxton, have you been able to speak to Allie through this whole “wedding process”?

Braxton: I, uhh….

Laurel: Of course he hasn’t spoken to Allie!! Allie is off doing… whatever it is that Allie does it her spare time. Ordering my sushi, getting my bridesmaids dresses bedazzled. Braxton has me, he doesn’t need that little girl, when he’s got the sexiest fiancé on the planet. Do you Braxton?????

Braxton: Right Laurel. Right.

SG: Braxton, we saw The Miracle give you some advice last week and we know how influential Maria is with the Knockouts division. How are you balancing your career aspirations, with what is going on in your personal life?

Braxton: Well I think I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t affecting me… it’s been pretty stressful. This whole thing with Maria and ummmmmm … I mean just all the WEDDING PLANNING! It’s a lot of work ya know! But Laurel has been working super hard , she’s been really really great ya know. Really putting her fathers black card to use

SG: Laurel, are you concerned with how all of this, “wedding planning” could be affecting Braxton? Perhaps he should be challenging for a championship rather than focusing on the wedding no?

Laurel: The ultimate prize is ME… Not some silly title. Great for Braxton if he wants to win the championship, but once he’s with me he will have everything he ever wished for and more. I have the house, the cars, the yacht, the money and the freedom. What more could he want?

SG: Well…

Laurel: Next Question.

SG: Weddings in wrestling have traditionally not ended well. Does this make either of you nervous for what’s to come?

Braxton: Since everything’s been so picture perfect so far…I sure would HATE for something to go wrong on Laurel’s…I mean our special day.

Laurel: Nothing on my day is going to go wrong!! My wedding planner is taking care of it all and she is going to make sure everything runs smoothly. That’s what Daddy pays her for. If ANYTHING goes wrong, on MY day, so help me god I will ruin people’s lives!

SG: After your nuptuals, what’s next for Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness?

Braxton: Well I think it’s pretty obvious. Laurel and I will just ride off into the sunset as the happiest couple in pro wrestling :)

Laurel: What he said.