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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Preview!

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Preview!
  • Max Solomons

The April 20th merger of GFW and Impact Wrestling has generated a significant amount of buzz surrounding the July 2nd Slammiversary pay per view. The star-crossed card is littered with outstanding wrestling talent, larger than life personalities and intense conflicts that will all come to head as the members of the Impact Wrestling roster gear up for one of the most important nights of the year. The show will be commentated by former ESPN anchor and huge wrestling fan Robert Flores, along with former Impact Wrestling announcer Don West.

Scott Steiner & Josh Mathews vs. Joseph Park & Jeremy Borash

The return of “Big Poppa Pump” has only added to the hype surrounding this show, with the iconic strongman returning to the Impact Wrestling fold to team with the brash Matthews against the man formerly known (for now) as The Monster, Abyss, along with announcer Borash. The storyline to watch here is whether or not Steiner still possesses the awe-inspiring power that has led to a legendary wrestling career thus far. Steiner has been adamant that he hasn’t lost a step, but it will nonetheless be highly intriguing to watch these two behemoths do battle under the umbrella of a tag match. Mathews has talked trash to Borash for months now, becoming an egotistical, self centered maniac. Will Mathews get what is coming for him or will the Voice of Impact Wrestling finally put an end to his war with Jeremy Borash? With Abyss being announced as the newest member of the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame, will a magic ring affect this match!? (Sorry, old Hulk Hogan bad TNA storyline callback!)

Moose & DeAngelo Williams vs. Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

It’s crazy to think that a year ago at this time, DeAngelo Williams was being drafted in fantasy football leagues. Now? He’s headed to the six sided ring to take down Drake and Adonis. Moose and Williams could prove to possess the chemistry to make this matchup quite interesting, and the bad blood between the two teams dating back to April has been boiling in a major way. The mutual hatred of the uber-athletic Moose between Drake and Adonis could serve them well, and Williams’ inexperience in the hexagonal circle could prove to be the downfall for Moose’s team. But given wrestling’s penchant for highlighting special attractions, expect a high impact (no pun intended) move from Williams that creates a SportsCenter moment and gives Moose and Williams the victory.

Strap Match: James Storm vs. Ethan Carter III

The Cowboy is back, and he’s coming for a fight. No matter what the ever-so charismatic and confident EC3 will tell you, he must be wary of going toe to toe with one of the greatest competitors Impact has ever housed. The inclusion of the strap guarantees that this match will be brutal and turn into the war that has been brewing for weeks between these two. The former Beer Money and America’s Most Wanted member has long been an underrated technical wrestler, and he will need to utilize his old school chops to best Carter, who has been one of the fastest rising stars in the company for the entire duration of his tenure. Whether it be on the mic or in the ring, EC3 has shown a compete level that could position him as an Impact legend if he continues along this trajectory in his career. These two former Impact World Champions may steal the show on Sunday.

Full Metal Mayhem Davey Richards & Angelina Love vs. Eddie Edwards & Alisha

Eerily reminiscent of some of the legendary rivalries in the wrestling business in terms of how this feud developed,  the former best friends Richards and Edwards will compete after jealousy took hold of one, creating an intense rivalry between both. The real life friendship between Richards and Edwards makes this match extra special, including involving both men’s wives. After Edwards won the Impact Wrestling World Championship, the relationship between the two former tag team champions, was never the same. Can Edwards put an end to this rivalry or will Davey Richards prove that he was always the better of the American Wolves.

2 out of 3 Falls for the Impact X-Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low Ki

The X-Division Championship has, over the course of Impact’s history, played a large role in sparking rivalries and matchups that have defined the wrestling promotion’s focus on strategic technical wrestling. This contest will be no different, with Dutt and Low Ki both possessing the wrestling chops to put on 5 star contests in their own right. The quickness of Low Ki could prove to be the deciding factor in this matchup, though given the nature of the contest as a 2 out of 3 falls match, fatigue should play a major role in both men’s gameplans going into the contest as well. It took over a decade before Sonjay Dutt finally was able to capture the Impact X-Division Title. Low Ki will look to reclaim the X-Division title for the sixth time on Sunday, in what should be a professional wrestling clinic.

Unification Match GFW Women’s Champion Sienna vs. Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary

In the first unification match of the night, GFW Champion Sienna goes toe to toe with Knockouts Champ Rosemary in a battle that could center as much around the psychological aspect of wrestling as it does the physical aspect. Rosemary, especially, utilizes fear in her game as much as any women’s wrestler that Impact has seen, since arguably Awesome Kong. It remains to be seen how this will affect Sienna in a high-profile matchup that will also highlight the fact that both women operate as impressive strikers in the Knockouts division already, capable of delivering blow after blow with quickness, power and accuracy. This is an important night for the merger of Impact and GFW, as both  champions will likely want to prove that they are the premiere woman in wrestling.

Unification Match GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron vs. Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Lashley

Talk about high profile. Two of the biggest stars in wresting of the past ten years. Champions in every promotion they have wrestled in. Some of the biggest names to ever work in Impact. El Patron vs. Lashley has all the makings of a main event classic, with a sky-high degree of hype and intrigue going in that is difficult to match. The competing styles of the two men could not be more stark in their differences, where El Patron’s technical wrestling prowess only matched by Lashley’s outstanding power and superhuman athleticism. Both competitors, in their time with Impact, have been proven to be every bit the stars they were made out to be in the leadup to their arrival in the company. El Patron’s father, the legendary Dos Caras, will be in his son’s corner, while MMA star and former (extremely brief) Impact Wrestling star King Mo Lawal will be in Lashley’s. Expect both of these cornermen to get involved and the finish of the match to no doubt be questionable. It is wrestling after all. Slammiversary will be the perfect showcase for these bitter rivals to prove, once and for all, that it is they who truly stand at the top of the mountain of the Impact Wrestling landscape.

Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary airs this Sunday LIVE on PPV at 8 p.m. EST.