Jay Mariotti Tweets That He “Might Own” ESPN After Lawsuit Filed Against SVP

Jay Mariotti Tweets That He “Might Own” ESPN After Lawsuit Filed Against SVP
  • Tanya Ray Fox

I know this might be a little hard to believe, but embattled former sports columnist Jay Mariotti tweeted some totally insane stuff at Scott Van Pelt on Tuesday morning.

Now if you don’t know much about Mariotti, his Twitter bio will give you a pretty good crash course. Here’s how he describes himself:

Host of Unmuted, national daily podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, etc. Accomplished commentator & writer — 17 years as dominant Chicago columnist, 8 years at ESPN

– via @MariottiSports

You just know someone’s legit when they give you an exact time span of their self-proclaimed dominance. It’s quite Trumpian, actually – which makes it all the less surprising that he’s popped back up on our radar despite having done nothing interesting or published anything worthwhile in years ever.

If you’re not yet convinced that Mariotti is unhinged based purely on the fact that he’s a disgraced former ESPN employee who still touts the company on his resume while also shit-talking said network, then his bonkers Twitter fight with Van Pelt will surely do the trick.

Then, as if Mariotti’s ill-conceived accusation that SVP should’ve been covering the terrorist attack in Manchester during his sports highlights show weren’t weird enough, he upped the ante with the threat of a libel lawsuit based on something SVP tweeted back in 2016. (h/t The Big Lead)

Here is what is believed to be the “defamatory tweet” to which Mariotti refers:

This is presumably in reference to the 2010 charges of domestic violence and felony stalking to which Mariotti pleaded no contest in exchange for the charges to be reduced to misdemeanors.

Even without these well-publicized reports regarding Mariotti’s plea, a libel lawsuit would be incredibly difficult to win, especially since he’s likely considered a public figure. However Mariotti seems to believe that not only can he win but that it would be a record-breaking settlement – enough to take down one of the most valuable cable networks in the world.

Clearly Van Pelt realized that Mariotti was entering full meltdown because he stopped engaging – prompting Mariotti to rant to himself like a lunatic for a couple more tweets.

Ah yes, the old “I could’ve done this so many times but I haven’t because I am usually so cool” excuse. I’m just waiting for this dude to use the word “bigly” or to tell us how big his hands are.

Tanya Ray Fox

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