Will The ‘KU Boobs’ Twitter Site Be Forced To Say Ta-Ta?

  • Rick Chandler

It started as a small Twitter account in which University of Kansas students displayed selfies of their (somewhat covered) breasts. But it soon grew to epic proportions, as its popularity swelled and became almost legendary. But now the Twitter site KU Boobs may be forced to shut down, after university administrators sent the site a cease-and-desist letter claiming trademark violation.

This has caused a huge booblash among the site’s legion of fans, and now the university says it is hopeful that KU Boobs doesn’t have to go away. It will, however, have to stop selling stuff with the KU logo or trademark initials, however, according to school officials.

Fans and contributors are preparing for the worst, however.

The authors are skeptical as well.

Dean Wormer says it’s a misunderstanding.

Delicious: a tweet from the Associate A.D. about boobs, which ends in “Rock Chalk!”

So it’s unclear as to what the administrators of KU Boobs are going to do –and whether the name of the site itself is a violation of university trademark. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

Until then, here are our top KU Boobs pics so far: