9 Groups of People We’d Like to Just Go Away in 2017

  • David Gonos


There have been so many people complaining about 2016 and how it was a completely dreadful year because of the unexpected deaths to pop icons, the brutally childish political scene or a world dealing with terrorist attacks and disease around every corner.

But we’re going to put that behind us!

Instead, we’re going to complain about the year ahead! Well, not really. This is actually more like some grumblings about people from recent years that we hope just take their act somewhere else in 2017.

9 People We’re Sick of Hearing From in 2017

You will likely be among one of the groups of people I gripe about. Don’t take it personal. And feel free to gripe about me, griping about you! Plus, I’m in some of the groups below, too! Just shut up, me!

Photo Credit: NBC, Getty Images

David Gonos

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