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BlackSportsOnline Is Coming To FNTSY Radio!

BlackSportsOnline Is Coming To FNTSY Radio!
  • Gregg Sussman

“You won’t be able to listen to my show and say “on Tuesday I know Rob is going to do this” because I might not even know what I am going to do until the producer is telling me we are live at 12pm.” – Robert Littal, Host of BSO Live

For over a decade, BlackSportsOnline has been a popular online destination for those looking for a perspective they can’t find anywhere an else. A perfect blend of entertainment and sports, BSO has been a prolific voice across the sports media landscape. With over five million monthly users, BSO is clearly a destination for those that want to read a different side of the story. Now, those five millions monthly users can listen to the unique perspective every single day.

Starting August 1, BSO creator Robert Littal will be hosting a brand new show on the FNTSY Sports Radio Network. Every weekday from 12-1 PM, Littal will host BSO Live, an unscripted, unplanned show that Littal says will be in the same vein as BlackSportsOnline. It’s why he decided

So why did he decide now was the time to expand his brand to national radio?

“In 2017 there are so many things that are happening on and off the field and just in our nation in general,” said Littal, exclusively to SportsGrid. “I felt that I have a voice in the digital space, people care what I have to say and what better way to tackle the issues of the day than with a radio show that anyone could listen to in the world”

Littal isn’t going to pull punches on FNTSY Radio, nor should anyone expect him to.

“The freedom to speak the truth is the foundation BSO is built on and the same will go for the radio show,” said Littal.

BSO Live is going to be completely different from anything currently airing on FNTSY Radio. The show will feature a mix of sports, entertainment and everything else that the world is buzzing about. As Littal described to us he could, “transition from Kyrie Irving trade talks to Rob Kardashian flipping out on social media”.

Although Littal is the lone host of BSO Live, he won’t be riding solo everyday. He has the freedom to bring quality guests on the program and he expects to. Just don’t expect the guests to all be mainstream celebrities. That’s not Littal’s style.

“I have been very blessed to know a lot of big hitters in this industry who I know if I called they would come on and maybe that would help with a few more listens, but my main goal is to get people maybe you never heard of and create new fans for them. It is my way of giving back in a way that people helped me early on in my career,” Littal exclaimed. “I will also have a lot of alternative guests. For instance, if I am doing stories on strippers, I am going to have a stripper on.  If I feel it is relevant and interesting to people I will bring almost anyone on”.

Ultimately, BSO Live is going to be exciting, entertaining and a blast to listen to. There are no talking points, scripts, or even a plan. You can expect the unexpected.

“I am like Jay Z it is straight from the top of the dome, I am not sure what I am going to say until I say it,” Littal said.

BSO Live, with Robert Littal can be heard starting August 1, Monday through Friday at 12 p.m. EST/9 a.m. PST on FNTSY Radio. The FNTSY Sports Radio Network is on 24/7 and can be heard through the FNTSY Radio app, on demand through iTunes and Audioboom or streamed live on