Today’s A Bad Day For Creepy Sports Coaches

  • Dylan Murphy

As of January 24th, Kevin Hadsell is no longer employed by the University of Toledo. In a story on Deadspin earlier this morning, Hadsell’s resignation from his former post as director of the University’s men’s and women’s cross country team, as well as director of the women’s track program, stems from allegations of sexual harassment by one his female runners – and the story reveals a pattern of manipulative abuse of his power through relationships, often sexual in nature, with his athletes.

We recommend you take a moment to read the entire thing, but we’ve excerpted a particularly disturbing passage below, which describes a string of text message between Hadsell and the accuser:

“‘I’m too fucking selfish,’ Hadsell joked to Andrea on Oct. 22, denying a relationship with the other runner, whom we will refer to as Caitlin. “I’m down for drinks, laughs, sex. Other than that I value my free time.’ Earlier, he had told Andrea: ‘Not gonna lie. I would hook up with [Caitlin] (I havmt) but if she wasn’t psycho I would.’ He added, ‘If I fuck her I’m fucked.’ And: “It may be a good ride. Just sayin.'”

But Hadsell isn’t the only member of today’s creepy coaches club: Zachary Reeder, a baseball coach at Beckman High School in Irvine, California for the last four years, was arrested over the weekend for posing as a blonde female on Facebook and soliciting explicit photos from underage teenage boys – one of whom was just 14 years old. Reeder is facing charges of lewd conduct with a child, possession and distribution of child pornography, and child annoyance. Reeder maintained contact with multiple victims throughout the past two years.

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