North Dakota Hockey Fans Dress Like Klan Members For High School Game

  • Joe Levine

What’s whiter than North Dakota? Going to a hockey game in North Dakota. Whiter than that? How about going to a hockey game in North Dakota dressed like the KKK? Too much?

Apparently not for Grand Forks Red River High School in Grand Forks, North Dakota. See if you can spot the KKK Kids section of the crowd in a photo that was printed on the front page of the Grand Forks Herald:

Despite the ensuing uproar over the controversial garb, Fargo Public Schools Athletic Director and former athletic director for Grand Forks Public Schools Todd Olson thinks everyone is just being a tad sensitive.

Olson said late Friday he had not seen the photo but all-white garb is generally an accepted part of the white-outs.

“To be very honest, I think you’re looking for something that is not there,” Olson said.

No word as to whether or not everything is okay because all of the guilty parties’ best friends are black.

Via Busted Coverage