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Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather: It’s Almost That Time

Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather: It’s Almost That Time
  • Cam Littlejohn

I’m sure you’ve heard about it. The two biggest loud mouth and cocky (or confident, however you decide to call it) athletes in today’s sports world plan to go head to head in a boxing match that we have all been so desperately waiting for.

Conor McGregor just applied for a boxing license in Nevada. Nevada State Athletic Commission is currently waiting for the rest of the documentation that is required. This is not the first time McGregor has applied for a boxing license in Nevada. He was denied the license originally because he had not paid a $150,000 penalty instructed by the commission.

Most recently McGregor signed a “record breaking deal”, and is currently waiting on Mayweather to sign the paperwork. Mcgregor is feeling confident in his boxing abilities.

Mayweather is now 40 years old with a record of 49-0, while McGregor is 28 years of age and has yet to have his first boxing match. Mayweather is not getting any younger so he might want to sign this paperwork before he pulls a back muscle. But I’m sure Mayweather is still in top shape as he still trains boxers such as up and coming boxer Gervonta Davis.

Mayweather has the speed, talent, defensive skills, and experience to beat McGregor, which is the main prediction of what will happen when and if these two fight. But all it takes is one clean hit to land so the fight can go either way. Whatever happens I’m sure this fight will be full of blood, sweat, and trash talking.