Ken Shamrock Says “Pro” Wrestling Is More Demanding Than The UFC

  • Jake Ciely

With CM Punk heading off to the UFC for his next career venture, there has been plenty of talk over why he left the WWE, how successful he’ll be and plenty of advice from previous UFC fighters. There are two fighters that would seem to have the best advice for Punk, as both Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock have both wrestled in the squared circle and the octagon. Lesnar has helped Punk (real name Phillip Jack Brooks) already, but Shamrock threw out his own advice, and in doing so, said the WWE was physically tougher.

“There’s no question in my mind that my stint in the World Wrestling Federation was a lot tougher on me than my stint in MMA. That’s not to say that going into a fight is not tough on you because it is. But I was good. I mean I felt at home in that ring. I didn’t sustain too many damages when I was actually fighting. Most of them came in training. I really believed with my experience that it was a lot tougher on me having to get up day to day and go out there and take 10, 15, 20 bumps seven, eight or ten days in a row. It was tough.”

For all those who dismiss professional WWE wrestlers because it’s “fake” should take note. The outcomes and storylines may be fake, but the athletic demands are very real, and apparently, tougher than anything you can face in the UFC.

You can catch the entire interview below:

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