10 Reasons To Love Bubba Watson, Blubbering Southern Frat Boy

  • Sarah Devlin

After winning his first green jacket in dramatic fashion, Bubba Watson has endeared himself to a legion of new fans. Here are 10 reasons why you should love him.

1. His full name is Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson, Jr…

But he goes by “Bubba” voluntarily.

2. He cries, often.

Fast forward to the 1:39 mark for the Bubba tears. From CNN: “First-time Masters champion Bubba Watson admits he’s still learning to control his emotions after a miraculous win left him bawling on the green.”

3. He’s a lovable frat boy.

While attending the University of Georgia, Bubba Watson was a member of the Delta chapter of Sigma Chi. What’s Sigma Chi’s founding chapter up to lately? Losing their charter due to hazing. What’s Bubba Watson up to? Hugging his mom after winning the Masters! He wins.

4. He and his wife adopted a baby boy last week.

I mean, look at this photo. Adorable!

5. He’s a class act.

6. He’s endearingly awkward.

I mean, handshakes are tough! We saw firsthand evidence of this last night.

7. He might play golf, but he’s certainly not stuffy.

There’s an odd tradition in place in which the winner of the masters gets to pick the menu for the champions dinner the following year. His wife Angie’s best guess? “Might be In-n-Out cheeseburgers.”

8. He’s got a great head of hair.


9. He owns a General Lee.

You know, this car?

10. He’s an artist.

Case: closed. How can you not love this guy?