11-Year-Old Latino Boy’s National Anthem Encore Wows Spurs Crowd, Silences Bigots

  • Rick Chandler

When he made his national debut last year on America’s Got Talent, then-10-year-old Sebastien De La Cruz said that he was “born to sing love songs.” His latest happens to be the Star-Spangled Banner, a love song to America that many will not soon forget.

De La Cruz, who is Latino, suffered a torrent of racist Twitter abuse on Tuesday when he sang the National Anthem prior to Game 3 of the NBA Finals in San Antonio. Here’s a rundown, and it was pretty ugly. But the kid didn’t let it rattle him, and put the bigots in their place with the following tweet, showing that an 11-year-old was wiser than all of them combined:

Sebastien also got a lot of support, among his allies Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich, actress Eva Longoria and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (one of those used to be married to Tony Parker). The Spurs, in fact, liked him so much that they invited him back to sing the Anthem at Game 4 tonight, and he killed.

Earlier today, Sebastien got some encouragement from another special fan:

Moral of story: haters gonna hate, singers gonna sing. Sebastien wins at life.

Here he is singing the Anthem on Tuesday:

Sebastien on TV Wednesday: