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16 Fantasy Football Team Logos People Are Actually Using This Year

  • Jake O'Donnell

The default options ESPN, Yahoo! and CBS give you for your fantasy football team logo are deplorable. They are the graphic art-equivalent of Red Cross disaster relief food rations. You and your team — which you’ll be obsessing over for the next four months — deserve a better face than some stupid helmet with an even stupider letter on it. That’s stupid.

You want something that will make your league-mates say things like, “What a cool logo, dude!” and “I want one!” and “Wow, he’s really gotten his life together!” We can help get them to say the first two by offering up 16 fantasy team names and their corresponding logos, which you can upload to your team’s homepage and proudly display as a battle flag on your quest for that $250 prize.

Some are better than others. (Read: a few suck so bad they’re actually pretty damn good.)

Oh, and if you’re still looking for a team name, here’s a running list of the best one’s we’ve found floating around the ol’ internet. Feel free to steal as many as you’d like. (We also have a team name generator, here.)


David Gonos

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