20-Year-Old LPGA Golfer Fires Caddy Mid-Round, Grabs Boyfriend From Crowd And Has Him Carry Her Bag

  • Jake O'Donnell

A caddy is a lot more than some schmuck who lugs your bag around and hands you clubs. He’s your coach. He gets paid a bunch of money to be your on-course therapist. And, should you need it, your punching bag (like when Bubba Watson was a complete dick to caddy Ted Scott).

Well, Jessica Korda must have been really pissed off, because she went and did the unheard of: she fired her’s half way through her round at the U.S. Women’s Open.

It gets better.

Without someone to schlep her clubs around, the angry 20-year-old golf brat tapped her boyfriend, tour pro Johnny DelPrete, who probably was the most stared at dude on the course for the rest of the day. Whispers of “That’s the poor guy who has the angry ass girlfriend” presumably echoed through the galleries of Sebonack Golf Club. Yikes.

Jessica’s caddy going into the day was Jason Gilroyed, who, according to Yahoo Sports golf blogger Shane Bacon, was “not only a great caddie but a solid dude.” Who knows what happened, as the info of the firing was leaked over Twitter just a few moments ago.

Some relevant backstory: Jessica’s sister, Nelly, was the youngest female player ever to make the cut at a U.S. Open today. And who was on her bag? Her Dad, meaning sister Jessica was left with some rando “great caddy and solid dude.” Ugh, she gets EVERYTHING! Here’s a picture Jessica posted on Instagram a few days ago of the good ol’ days when her Dad (former tennis star Petr Korda) used to be HER caddy. This is sports news.

H/T Devil Ball Golf