VIDEO: Jack White Continues His MLB Stadium Tour, Actually Smiles For A Change

  • Igor Mello

The Tigers decided to have some sort of Christmas in July event against the White Sox on Tuesday. In most cases, having a promotional event like that is incredibly lame, which is why they spiced things up with the grumpiest-looking rockstar of all time.

But in a strange turn of events, Jack White actually smiled while in the television booth in Detroit. It’s a shame because sad Jack White is the best. I’m sure he’s smiling because he’s no longer watching a Cubs game. Could be Santa. Either that, or they stopped playing “Seven Nation Army” at Comerica. Once again, I have to give him major props for another marvelous throwback uniform. Dude must have a closet full of them.

White has new music out, so I’m sure he’s doing his best to promote his stuff. At first, I was hoping for him to announce a major tour, but now, I much rather see him go on tour to every ballpark in the country just to watch a game.