38 Sunderland Fans Lose Their Seats For The Very Technical-Sounding Violation Of “Persistent Standing”

  • Dylan Murphy

People stand up at sporting events. It’s a thing to do when the home team does something well. It’s a thing to do when it’s a close game in the waning moments. It’s a thing to do to high-five other fans you don’t know and build passing friendships through sport.

Persistent standing though, that’s a bad thing. As in those who stand haphazardly, creating a domino effect that compels every preceding row to stand as well. Some people are old and can’t stand for prolonged periods. Some people just don’t like standing for three hours. Soccer fans are particularly raucous, and they like to stand and sing and cheer and heckle. But there’s a group of Sunderland fans that stand a bit too much, and have been a point of controversy at their home pitch. So the administrative hand of justice has relieved some fans of their season tickets due to “persistent standing,” which is thing. 38 fans have been ejected thus far this season for standing persistently as well.

But the best part is the response of persistent standers, who belted out a tune in kind before their suspension:

Via the Daily Mail:

“Yesterday for the visit of Manchester City, the club increased the number of stewards in problem areas and issued another warning to supporters in the match programme, threatening to close areas of the ground unless they take their seats.

Throughout the 1-0 win over champions City, a number of Sunderland fans remained on their feet and they sang the ‘**** off you stewards we’ll stand if we want’ in the first-half.”

You may have also taken a look at the photo for this post and wondered what that might be. Well that is the sign placed on seats of the persistent standing offenders, fastened with plastic zip ties. You’d think they would sell the seats of the suspended fans for upcoming matches, but sometimes you just have to take a stand(!) on persistent standing.

Kidding aside, people that stand in non-standing situations are the worst.

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