400-lb Giant Running Back Terrifies High School Defenses

  • Jake O'Donnell

Finally, we’ve managed to grab some footage of Anthony Picard in action. That is to say, if you think a 6’5″ boat of a human being, slowly moving through a cluster of children can be considered “action.” Regardless of it’s entertainment value, 700 yards and 15 touchdowns suggests the Picard method is an effective strategy for winning football games. In case you’re a high school linebacker, check to see if the “White Swan Cougars” are on your schedule this season, because that’s who this kid plays for. Is he the biggest running back in the country? Ya, we hope so.

He’s 400-lbs! That’s bigger than almost anyone in the NFL. And certainly bigger that the previous record holder for heaviest player ever to line up as an eligible receiver (though we can’t imagine Picard gets sent to the flat for screen passes all that often).