This 49ers Tattoo Is A Terrible Idea, But An Awesome Tattoo

  • Eric Goldschein

49ers tattoo

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1. Niners legends will live on this man’s back forever.

That’s cool, sorta kinda. [LBS]

2. Some dude kicks a 67-yard field goal.

The Jets will sign him and turn him into a quarterback. [reddit]

3. An oral history of the 2003 NBA Draft.

LeBron, Carmelo, Darko and more. [ESPN]

4. Writers who loved sports.

Athough “alligator wrestling” seems like it shouldn’t count. [Buzzfeed]

Not sports related, still important.

R.I.P. Bobby “Blue” Bland; Berlusconi is going to prison; Snowden’s Hong Kong pizza party; Pink Floyd got back together to be pissed at Pandora.

And finally, tonight…

A great commercial (for an admittedly terrible vodka?). NSFW: