A 4-5 5th Grader Starts For A Florida High School Varsity Basketball Team

  • Dylan Murphy

The Florida High School Athletic Association is the governing body of Florida high school sports. We’ve discussed them governing before, as you might remember. But they don’t quite apply here, because their jurisdiction doesn’t extend to Downey Christian High School in Orlando, Florida, where a 4-foot, 5-inch fifth grader is the starting point guard for the varsity basketball team.

Admittedly, the small private school isn’t exactly a basketball powerhouse and Jamie Newman, father standout 5th grader Julian, coaches the team. Still, this:

According to FHSAA rules, Julian’s participation in high school sports is completely legal. As long as he doesn’t repeat a grade, or exceed four years of high school participation, he’s free to play:

“A student’s four-year limit of high school eligibility is not affected by the student’s participation in interscholastic athletics before beginning the ninth grade for the first time.”

We’re not exactly sure how Julian’s GPA is calculated, because he needs a 2.0/4.0 to remain eligible. Something with the right mix of paints and fractions and ancient Egypt, we think.

Oh and also this: