7½-Month-Old Baby Water Skiing: Child Abuse Or Good Clean Fun?

  • Rick Chandler

You be the judge. Things you should know, however: 1. This happened in Australia, and may be the least dangerous thing they tend to do there. 2. Mom claims he’s not being pulled by a boat. That won’t happen until he’s almost two. 3. Baby’s name is Ryder. 4. Kid can later say “I learned to water ski before I could walk” and be accurate.

From the YouTube description:

This is our son Ryder learning to ski at the age of 7.5 months at Lake Dyer, Queensland. Please note: he is not actually behind a boat he is just being pulled along the shoreline. Next step is to get him beside the boat next season when its warmer again. We used our GoPro to capture this moment.

Not impressed until I see him holding the bar one-handed, waving to the crowd with the other.

Yep, thanks Christian Post.