8 Great Places to Play Fantasy World Cup Games

  • David Gonos

McDonald's World Cup Fantasy Game

The last time we saw the World Cup in 2010, there were just a few Fantasy sites offering World Cup games out there. But now, there are a half-dozen or more offering Fantasy World Cup games.

I thought I’d share several of these with you, so you can get your brackets filled out before the first World Cup game begins Thursday afternoon.

Before we get too far, I thought I’d also share this list of World Cup Fantasy Football team names with you.

Best Fantasy World Cup Games to Play

These games should keep you busy while you wait out the final moments until the 2014 World Cup begins.

McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy

”McDonald’s is giving away a Kia Soul* to the Grand Prize winner of McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy. There are ten runners-up prize packages up for grabs and also some exciting round prizes for each of the seven fantasy rounds. There are signed Captain’s armbands from Team Captains in Brazil, national team jerseys, adidas brazuca footballs and more! View all the fantasy prizes.” – FIFA website

Without a doubt, this is the one you’ll be hearing about the most over the next month. You’ll pick your Fantasy lineup among the best players in the tournament – as long as you stay within your salary budget. It’s basically like most of the salary cap games you might be used to on daily sites. It shows over 650,000 users so far – so get on board!

To help you out, I also found this quick guide and strategy article on this game!

StatClash 2014 Fantasy Soccer Cup Bracket Challenge

There are actually several Fantasy World Cup Games on their site, so check back often throughout the tournament. Fill out lineups and win now – as opposed to many of these games where you have to wait until the end of the entire tournament.

ESPN’s Bracket Predictor 2014

McDonald's World Cup Fantasy Game - Joey Fatone

If McDonald's World Cup Fantasy Game is good enough for Joey Fatone, it's good enough for me. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Well, that sounds kinda boring. That’s like calling their “Fantasy Football” the “ESPN Lineup Higher Scoring Contest.”

This game appears to be a bracket-type game, much like Americans are used to with March Madness. This is probably right down a soccer rookie’s alley. Like me!

The Telegraph’s Fantasy Football World Cup (UK)

I’d explain this to you if I could speak English. Seems like a cool game – and you can play different lineups, like a 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, etc. But you cannot, from what I gather, play the Run ’n Shoot.

It also has something called a “Blagger’s Guide,” which makes me giggle. Those Brits even say “Blogger” with a funny accent!

Fox Sports – World Cup Fantasy

You can play in head-to-head leagues, and it’s free to play. They even give cash prizes – including $250 for the highest score in each round!

Yahoo! Sports World Soccer Pick’em

Sometimes you just feel bad for these major corporations, as they’re handcuffed by rules and regulations, not allowing them to have fun names for their games. It’s brutal.

This game is basically like your weekly office NFL pick ‘em pool. But you can win stuff!

Fantasy World Cup Predictor

It’s awfully flashy and colorful, so it must be an awesome game! Pick your players, watch ‘em score, win some cash prizes. I have to say, it has a very cool user interface, which makes life nice.

Fantasy Football Pundits World Cup League Game

Well, this one says it has 20,000 pounds of money to give out as prizes, but that sounds pretty heavy.

Let me know if there are some Fantasy World Cup Games I’m missing out on!