99-Year Old Woman Sets Sprinting World Record (In Her Age Group)

  • Zach Berger

99-year old Ida Keeling is the first woman in her age group to break a minute in the 100-metre spring. Keeling finished the race in 59.8 seconds, making her the world-record holder among 99-year old women according to her coach.

I should note that her coach may have a slight bias as she’s Keeling’s daughter, Shelley. The elderly woman finished in last place at the Gay Games race in Akron, Ohio this past Tuesday, but Shelley Keeling says that her finish time is the best ever in an internationally-certified track event for her age, so that’s something.

“My doctor told me two years straight that I’m as healthy as a healthy 20-year old,” Keeling said after the race. “I feel that I’m still a winner.”

Ida Keeling is indeed a winner. As one respectful spectator pointed out, it’s a miracle that she can even walk! In all seriousness, I hope to be alive or able to stand up without assistance when I’m 70, let alone one year shy of the century mark. Good for her. She’s an inspiration to us all here at SportsGrid.