A Barcelona Theater Group Trolls Spanish Soccer Players, Uses Pictures Of Flopping In Ads For Acting Class

  • Dylan Murphy

Comediarte, a Barcelona Theater group, brings you this picture of Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets and Real Madrid’s Pepe in feigned anguish after apparent flops. But quietly in the text below it reads, “Do you like to act? Acting classes for every level.” Now, these men are expert actors, so don’t get your hopes up. But Comediarte can hasten your journey to acting greatness, so it might be worth a shot.

I had a high school soccer coach who use to yell “SIMULATION!” every time a player on the opposing team went down. That’s a better word for flop, or act, or whatever they call it these days. This needs to be adopted.

Do take note of Busquets’ covertly peaking out of his hand to see if people believe his simulation. WE SEE YOU, SERGIO. This-hands-over-the-face is the best simulation tradition, even when the “injury” occurs elsewhere on the body. Don’t look at my tears of pain, people. Of course soccer could adopt the NBA’s flopping rules, but that would be too progressive. And progress is the obstacle of the future. Amirite, Bud Selig?

[Dirty Tackle]