A Harlem Globetrotter Just Broke The Record For The Longest Shot In Basketball History

  • Jake O'Donnell

Finally, the Globetrotters are in the news for something other than near death experiences in Central American gymnasiums. The longest shot ever made (from a level surface).

Previous Record: 104 ft. 7 in.
Previous Record Holder: Elan Buller
New Record: 109 ft. 9 in.
New Record Holder: Corey “Thunder” Law

Of course, there have been trick shots from much further distances, like the video at the top of the page that was reportedly from over 321 feet. We believe the in-game NBA record for longest shot was set by the Hornets’ Baron Davis in 2001 against the Bucks, where he managed to nail an 89-footer at the end of the third quarter. And who can forget Dwight Howard’s official record for the longest shot made while sitting down.

As per TMZ, the previous record holder has vowed to top Corey Law’s new claim to fame. Might we suggest warming up first?

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