A La 'Uncle Drew,' Urban Freestyle Footballer Goes Undercover As Grandpa, Breaks Young Ankles

  • Jake O'Donnell

Séan Garnier has some insane moves. Ya know what, before we go any further, watch him school the darling of the 2014 World Cup and Barcelona phenom (we’re talking about Neymar) at a staged freestyle soccer event.

Ahem. Served.

Anyways, Garnier is always looking to blow people’s minds in new and interesting ways, so when the Spanish-language online marketplace company “Coppel” contacted him to don several layers of facial prosthetics and makeup, he was all ears.

Big, gross, dangly ears.

Breaking into a street game and playing dumb until the right moment, Garnier unleashes a series of gravity-defying moves under the guise of being, like, 80-freaking-years-old. We imagine the jig was up after the first few between the leg maneuvers.

We imagine the cops might have been called after he pulled this dude’s pants down, right before he scored.

[H/T Daily Picks]