A Plea To Soccer Fans Everywhere: Do Not Do This

  • Glenn Davis

Soccer fans the world over: you’re passionate. You care. We get it. You have nothing to prove to anyone on this front. You possess an undying devotion to the sport. We believe you. But you also have a reputation for getting a little too wrapped up in things, and… the point is, just watch the damn game and don’t do this:

This was the scene at a recent match in Argentina (that was, not surprisingly, called off after this happened due to fear for players’ safety). There’s not a whole lot to add here except GOOD GOD PEOPLE WHY ARE YOU DOING THINGS LIKE THROWING FIRECRACKERS ON THE FIELD WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE YOU ARE MAKING MY HEAD HURT EVEN TRYING TO PROCESS THIS GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. That pretty much covers it. And next time someone looks at you askance for getting too wrapped up in a sporting event, know it could be much, much worse. Unless you have also thrown firecrackers onto the field at a sporting event. In which case, seriously, what in the blue hell? Another video, via The Big Lead: