A Seated Hassoun Camara Juggles, Bicycle Kicks Ball Past Keeper For Butt Goal Of The Butt Year (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Check out Montreál Impact RB Hassoun Camara put one past Colorado Rapids goalie Matt Pickens, from his arse (that’s soccer jargon for ass). When posting a soccer highlight, it’s customary to include a relevant comparison to a sport that gets you laid in high school, so here’s a video dubbed “Most Amazing Basketball Shot Ever”. Let’s see if this puts things in perspective…

Insufficient explanation of the degree of difficulty we’re dealing with? Still grappling with the impossible concept of a guy scoring from his keister? Here’s a clip of what butts are best at (just behind interrupting people and ruining vacations in Mexico).

Ah, now I get it. Butts aren’t very good at sports after all. Bravo, Hassoun Camara!