A Sign Of Things To Come? Johnny Manziel’s Parents Are Selling Their College Station Home

  • Eric Goldschein and Zach Berger

As Johnny Manziel’s college career hangs in the balance thanks to a few measly thousands of dollars in exchange for his autograph, it appears that his folks have already given up on the Texas A&M life.

From realtor.com:

John Paul Manziel and his wife, Michelle, have put their Bryan, TX, home up for sale. The Manziels bought the property in June of 2011 to be closer to Johnny during his college career. With Michelle Manziel, a noted College Station Realtor, manning the helm, the 2,880-square-foot house hit the market with a price tag of $405,000 in May. The Manziels have since lowered their asking price by $26,000 to $379,000.

Originally from Tyler, TX, the Manziels are quite wealthy thanks to Texas oil, and as such probably don’t care about getting a spectacular return on their place. Judging by the price slash, they probably just want to get the hell out of there.

The four bedroom, three bathroom home is rife with taxidermied animals, which will reportedly not be included in the sale.

Check it out:


All photos via realtor.com

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