A Spanish Soccer Team Is Putting Fans’ Names On Their Jerseys Instead Of A Sponsor’s

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Americans hate the whole advertising-on-jerseys thing that is ingrained in world soccer culture. Well, Real Sociedad, a decent La Liga squad (yeah, the league with Real Madrid and Barcelona), is having trouble securing a sponsor, so they’re thinking outside of the box.

Instead of the American solution of putting “Real Sociedad” on the fronts of their jerseys, they are choosing 22 of their 25,000 club members in a random lottery, and each fan gets his or her name on a player’s jersey.

Apparently, this isn’t a completely new trend. Almost half of La Liga sides last year didn’t have a sponsor, and got creative, including Sevilla, which had fans pay to have their names combined with others’ to form the numbers on the backs of jerseys.

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