A Woman At Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl Ate 363 Wings Over 30 Minutes To Smash Kobayashi’s Record

  • Eric Goldschein

wing bowlWere you impressed when Peyton Manning broke the single-season touchdown passes record this year? YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET. Check out the gut, and jaw muscles, and gullet, and teeth on Molly Schuyler, a competitive eater who ate 363 wings at Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl this morning.

The previous record belonged to world famous eater Takeru Kobayashi, who ate 337 at the same event two yeas ago.

Schuyler is a mother of four from Nebraska and weighs 125 pounds. For a comparison: Eagles center Jason Kelce was in attendance, and the 6’3”, nearly 300-pound lineman could only manage 65 wings, falling in the first round. Schulyer almost tripled that number with a first round effort of 186. She reached 363 over the next two rounds. She did not die afterwards, and in fact was seen jumping for joy when the scores were announced, somehow using her insane stomach muscles to keep down all that chicken meat.

There are tons of videos of all the drinking, debauchery and the disgusting number of wings on the event’s official page. Here’s a video of her eating a 72 ounce steak:

We dare you to try this at home.

Photo via Wing Bowl 22