There’s A Guy That Looks Exactly Like Aaron Hernandez, And His Brother Resembles The Younger Boston Bomber

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Aaron Hernandez Doppelganger Jon Niedzwiecki

Aaron Hernandez is a murder suspect. Jon Niedzwiecki is not. All he did was appear on Southie Rules, an A&E TV show that got really awful reviews. In most states, that’s not a crime. In most states, murder is.

Check out the Boston Globe‘s video interview, which includes Jon’s younger brother, Matt, whom the article claims resembles the younger of the Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (It’s a bit more of a stretch, but not ridiculous.)

Jon has had feces deposited on him in the past, though, so he’s accustomed to the smell.

For Niedzwiecki, this is old news. It has been happening since the moment the New England Patriots drafted Hernandez in 2010. And for a while earlier this year, it was probably better than being recognized as the guy from “Southie Rules,” which was so demolished by the public that “Southie Rules” jokes were old in about two Twitter hours. The show went away soon afterward. The Hernandez sightings did not.

You know things are bad when you hope people recognize you from your awful Jersey Shore knockoff… yet they instead mistake you for a(n alleged) murderer.

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