AC Milan Stunned FC Barcelona Today, But Should Their First Goal Have Counted?

  • Glenn Davis

Surprising result out of the Champions League today: AC Milan emerged victorious over Barcelona, 2-0. Whether AC Milan played out of their minds or Barca was just off or it was all the Barcelona jerseys’ fault, the result was no fluke – AC Milan earned it by simply being the better team today.

But does that mean the win came without controversy? Of course not! AC Milan’s first goal:

MIL1BA0 by Samu21213

You might notice that before the shot was even taken, just about every Barca player threw up their arms in unison. That’s because they wanted a handball called – and they weren’t alone. Here’s a still shot of what all the ruckus was about:

It should be noted that some people took AC Milan’s side, but the consensus was it was a missed call – and Barca’s Gerard Pique got a yellow card for protesting the non-call, to boot. None of this, we should make clear, is to say that had the handball been called and the goal disallowed, Barca would have won. AC Milan scored again later in the game, after all. But a 0-0 match is a lot different from a 1-0 match – different enough to make sure that plenty of Barca fans’ heads will hit the pillow tonight sure they were robbed.