AFL Team Scores Most Ridiculous Touchdown Ever Followed By Most Ridiculous Touchdown Graphic Ever

  • Zach Berger

In case you didn’t know, there’s this thing called the Arena Football League in which teams play football indoors on a smaller field. This makes for some high-scoring football games because of the shortened field and the lack of weather. But what also makes for high-scoring football games are insane rules where touchdowns are scored seemingly at random.

In an AFL game between the Iowa Barnstormers — that’s a real team name — and the San Antonio Talons, the opening kickoff went past the end zone, bounced off of the catch screen, landed back on the field, and got picked up by the kicking team and run in for a touchdown. Here’s a video:

Let’s quickly review why this is one of the stupidest football plays ever. There is absolutely no reason that a ball that hits the screen behind the end zone should be considered in play. The screen is out of bounds. You can’t make a bounce pass off of the scorer’s table in basketball. You can’t take a shot off of the wall in ping-pong. And you can’t catch a ball off of the screen in football and run it in for a touchdown. But that’s the AFL for you.

More importantly, let’s tak about the touchdown graphic that the television station broadcasted following the play. There’s a fat man in what looks to be a referee Halloween costume signalling touchdown. In the background is some text that looks like it came straight out of the ’90s. The referee is surrounded by other costumed characters including a snowman, a dog, a chicken, a gingerbread man, a guy that is potentially Borat, and a guy that is potentially Mark McGwire.

Then there’s the broadcasters, who respond as if they just saw one of the greatest plays in football history. Their voices are layered with all kinds of reverb too, which I suppose is meant to make them sound super official, but instead adds to the cheesiness of the broadcast.

To recap: There is an AFL team named the Iowa Barnstormers. They scored one of the most ridiculous touchdowns ever. The television station aired an equally ridiculous graphic to celebrate that touchdown. And the announcers pretended their jobs were actually important for a minute. All things considered, this is one of the most absurd sports videos I have ever seen.