Ajax Are Eredivisie Champions For The 2nd Straight Year, Ajax Player Drops League Trophy For 2nd Straight Year

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s very European to reward the top performer in a sport with a commemorative plate. That’s still not a reason for Daley Blind (yes, that’s his ironic real name) to yank the damn thing off the display podium during their 2nd straight Eredivisie title ceremony.

Maybe it’s just a thing they do over there. Because this exact thing happened last year, WHEN AJAX GOALIE MAARTEN STEKELENBURG DROPPED THE PLATE OFF THE TOP OF A BUS. Good hands, dude. It’s not like you aren’t the keeper for the Dutch National Team.

But all these bütterfīngęred mishaps bring up an important point: If you’re going to deify athletes who only use their feet, at least make the priceless, antique trophies you give them balanced. Plates are like, the most dropped things in the world. Why not just make the freakin’ trophy an Iphone? That way, the next time they drop it, they can just wait two years for their upgrade to kick in, and replace it.

H/T Dirty Tackle