Alex Rodriguez Is Making A Second Career In Real Estate: Check Out His Latest Condo Flip

  • Eric Goldschein

a rod condoJust remember: If Alex Rodriguez’s 211-game suspension (a likely career-ender) is upheld, he won’t be hurting for money. Not only will the Texas Rangers still have to pay A-Rod around $40 million in deferred money until 2025, but he’s apparently becoming quite the real estate shark.

Just six months after buying this Hollywood condo for $2.1 million, A-Rod is looking to sell for $3.2 million. Who knows how much he spent on the complete renovation of the space, but he still stands to make a killing (by regular human standards, that is — a million dollars is almost nothing to this guy). Earlier this year, A-Rod flipped a waterfront property in Miami for $15 million.

Bottom line: This guy knows how to make money.

If you’re interested in buying a condo in Hollywood, this place has custom cabinetry, top-tier appliances, an ocean-facing patio and access to a private gym, pool and spa. Check it out (via


[Neil J. Leitereg]